Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Headbands Galore!

So I decided to start getting a little crafty and start some new projects and since headbands and jewelry are the fad right now I figured I would give it a shot! It is so much fun making new things and creating fashion haha! But ya take a look at bellow, and see what you like. I am wanting to start a little etsy store but I wanted to start off here first before I do anything. So ya they are all for sale, and I am able to make most of them again. So the prices and names of each headband, piece of jewelry and clips will be above and you are welcome to come and pick them up locally here in Provo at my apartment, or I can ship them to you for $2 extra...anyway email or call me if you have any questions :-) clisserloo@gmail.com 480 262 6074

Long gold necklace with hanging black gems, $10

Cute red bracelet with see threw red beads, $8

Long gold necklace with cute vintage accents, $10

This cute little number is not yet finished, but is hand sewn and will have ribbons sewn on each end to tie around the neck, and will also have pins sewn on the back so it can be pinned around the neck of a cute t-shirt, $20.

Lite yellow flower bracelet, with a rhinestone in the center of the flower, $8

Very trendy long mirror necklace, $12

Hand sewn hot pick ruffle necklace, $10

Long gold necklace, with a jade colored stone accent, $12

Roxana, headband $10

Suzy, headband $10

Kit, headband $10

Jessie, headband $10

Tiffany, clip $8

Vera, clip $10

Caprise, clip $8

Lacy, clip $8

madaline, clip $8

Eliza, clip $8