Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Yes, I am still alive...

Well it was time for a little change of scenery so I changed the look of the blog and the text font. You likey? Let me know! I should be posting another DIY post too so watch out for it :-) Oh and here are a few pics of Joel and I from this past month...

At Lacey's baby shower before she left to Ohio :-( No longer the 3 amigas...


I took all the photos for the baby shower and these two ladies were the funniest! When the lady on the left picked up a mustache to hold, the lady on the right said, "Ida! You are really going to put a mustache on! Don't even think about it!" I don't think she got the point...haha!

J Dawgs Bottle of special sauce : $10
Years of not knowing you could buy J-Dawgs sauce: 3
Enjoyment of a homemade polish dog : Priceless

My brother is home! :-D


My best friends! Especially now since my little brother is back...yay!

Oh and of course Mom is part of the club too :-)

A real arctic fox! I want one

Isn't he so cute! His name is Todd (awwwww)

Yes that is me doing my mom's hair while she is cutting Preston's hair...There is no "I" in teamwork.

Yikes! I love me some chicken...but when it's no longer cluckin!

Cutest girls ever...sad to leave them :-(

Hello Disneyland! I have waited to enter your amazing presence for 2 years now! Much too long...not to mention I love my mom in this pic :-)

I Love my hubby...

Beach time!

And to end things off on a good note, Joel found this in his stall...:-/

Have a good weekend friend! Luv ya! XoXo