Tuesday, November 1, 2011

New Crafties :-)

I have a ton of crafts that I have done lately, but lets be honest...I am not the best at blogging even though I try really hard. But I am here today with two crafts I just did! They were so easy too and I am excited to show them to you.

Craft #1: Re-Sizing your shoes

I love D.I. even though the one here in Provo isn't the greatest. You can always find something though and I discovered that on Monday's you can score a ton of great stuff!

Like these lovelies! Ready for this...they were $1! I know right!? I almost died cause I have wanted some more strappy sandals and these are perfect...but the straps had been stretched out. Soooo since I have a new sewing machine I thought I should take advantage of it. I figured I could re-size them somehow and I eventually figured it out. Here is how I did it so you can do it too!

I first decided that the best way to re-size them was to cut off one of the straps and re-sew it on the shoe in order to tighten it up = shoe will fit better :-) As you can see from the pic, I cut it off close to where it originally was sewn as to not loose to much fabric.

From there I refolded the fabric around to a length that felt comfortable and made the fit better, and sewed them together with the sewing machine.

And here is the finished product! They still look the same, but now they fit! This project literally took me 5 min. This is an easy way to fix your shoes that you love so much before sending them off to D.I. like these babies for someone like me to pick up for $1! Ahhhh!

Craft #2: Re-Fashioning a skirt

My cousin a while back gave me a bunch of stuff to give to D.I. and this skirt was apart of the bunch. It is not really my style but I thought that this would be a great project to re-fashion so I could actually wear it!

At first it was too long so I thought it would be great to add maybe a ruffle to the skirt to jazz it up. Also, the skirt was a little too big. As you can see from the pic, I went ahead and sewed straight down on each side to slim the skirt down. From there I cut the bottom of the skirt off in order to make a new ruffle out of the extra fabric.

From there, I hemmed up the bottom ruffle, and added it to the skirt. I didn't sew it on the bottom of the skirt, but rather about two inches or so above the bottom of the actual skirt in order to give it that ruffle look.

And there ya go! That was all it took in order to re-fashion the skirt in order to make it more my style! And I love it! For those who know me, I love wearing skirts so this is a great addition to my closet! Anyway happy Tuesday and tell me what you think! :-)