Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Time for another DIY!

So this project I spotted off of another blog, I can't remember the name...but I just had to do it for myself! For those who have seen my apartment know that my kitchen is itsy bitsy small! So what ever I can do to dress it up I take advantage!

So needless to say I am excited to see this little project on my fridge! I also made these for my Mom and mother-in-law for mothers day and they loved them as well!
So today's project is making a clothespin magnet with ruffles and it is such a great way to dress up your refrigerator or magnet board.

Lets get started...

1. Most importantly you need your supplies. I already had the fabric and white felt, and I chose to do some pink, white, and yellow lace to come up with different magnet combos. Then at the dollar store and Michaels I grabbed a pack of clothespins ($1), a pack of magnets ($2), and some flesh colored and pistachio colored paint (50 cents each) totaling my price to only $4 for all!

2. The second step is to your clothespins. For myn I used the flesh colored paint and for the rest I painted them the pistachio color. I also only painted the top because it makes the whole process faster and who looks at the back anyway?

3. Next I cut out the fabric. The circles are probably about 2-3 in. around.

4. Then you fold the flower in half...

Then in half again...

5. From there I took three of the circles that have been folded twice and combine them together. For myn I combined two white circles with a yellow lace circle in the middle. You can choose any combo really.

6. In order to make sure they stay together, just quickly stitch through the bottom of the combo a couple times and then tie it off to seal.

Eventually you will gather a little pile like such...

7. The next step brings in the felt. I cut little circles, about 1/2 in. around to sew the combos on. I sewed 3 fabric combos on each felt piece.

Eventually it looks like this! It is starting to come together...

8. From there you quickly dab a little hot glue on the end of each clothespins and press the bottom of the flower to seal.

9. Now for the magnet portion. This is the easiest part of the whole process because it required no hot glue gun or sewing. The magnet came in a sheet like shown below.

I cut it into strips into the same width as the clothespins...

...and then I removed the paper on the back of the magnet and pressed it to the back of the clothespin. So simple right?

10. Whala! Your ruffle flower is complete! Didn't they turn out so fabulous! I love them so much!

They even turned out great in pink!

Happy Crafting! :-)