Thursday, September 23, 2010

Yay for another Giveaway! :-)

Hey everyone I have another Giveaway to talk about!! I know it has been a while since I have posted on my bloggy and I promise I will do something soon of whats going on in life right now with me...which pretty much consists of school, work, church and hubby time. First however before getting into the giveaway, my husband has been quite occupied working with Thaicycles and has a really cool venue coming up! At the Velour in Provo, on Oct. 8th Thaicycles is sponsoring an awesome concert for ALLRED and two special group guests j.wride and Goodbye Nova. You'll have to check out his music and get excited because his music is incredible! Pure pure talent...anyway this concert is going to be RiDIcuLoUS! It is only $5 bucks to come for the acoustic portion of the concert at 7pm, and $10 for the full band show at 8:30pm. And what is even more great about the concert, part of the proceeds from the concert will be donated directly to Thaicycles so they can send more bikes to Thailand. (For those who don't know much about Thaicycles, my previous post talks a little bit about them :-) you can also check them out at And on top of that, there is another GivAWaY! Whoo hoo! The prize is...a brand new ALLRED CD! So here's what you do go to thaicycles facebook page, "like" them, follow the giveaway rules, enter, and wait and see if you win! Trust me people, this is a giveaway you wont want to miss, and the concert too! So go to facebook, enter the giveaway, and also come to the concert to support ALLRED and most importantly Thaicycles!