Thursday, September 22, 2011

Look what I've been up to ^^^

School just started so I have been a little busy since this is my last semester of college! Whoo hoo... but I always find time to craft around! I have really been into refashioning shirts lately and I had a cute shirt my mom gave me about a year ago...

It is super cute and all, but it was a little baggy, and I had to constantly roll the sleeves up...can you say annoying!? So needless to say, something had to be done :-)

So I decided to do a few things to the cute shirt...

First: I cut the sleeve hand sewed (I just barely got a sewing machiene...I could have totally saved myself the trouble, but it turned out okay right?) the edges. It is now a 3/4 sleeve and it is awesome!

Second: I added ruffles! So cute right!? I made the ruffles out of the extra material I cut off from the sleeves...

I also made the ruffles two different lengths. The middle ruffle is a little longer than the two on the side just to give it a little extra umf! I taked the ruffles on the front of each side just underneath the shoulder line.

This is how is looks like with both sides together...

...and this is what is looks like on! I think it turned out great and it is now more my style. Even Joel likes the shirt, which is amazing coming from him when sometimes he doesn't understand some of the things I wear!

Other then the shirt refashioning I have also been making scarfs to get ready for the snow :-( Sad that the summer is done, but excited to pull out the coats and to wear my new scarves! I this blue one I made because it is versatile. I love it, but this is a great example of something Joel does not like...but what do you think? I can't help it that I love the blue color, and silver fabric cuff I added to it...:-)

Also made this white ruffly one, maybe to wear with my red p-coat...

...or even with my new red stripe and lace scarf I crafted up. Which one is your favorite cause I love them all equally!

Anyway enough crafting and on to a new subject...Joel and I the other weekend went to "shoot the tube" in Sandy and it was so fun but we definately got some battle wounds. What is shooting the tube you ask? Well there is the huge open pipe in sandy in the middle of the mountains and it is about 200 yards long. You go with a group and sit in this tube in a slide formation. You place a board in front of the water flow so the pressure builds, eventually cracking the board in two. The water then rushes in, pushes your line of people down the slide, and then it spits you out into a pond at the bottem. It was so fun and scary but we got some boo boo's...

Joel cut his knee up from landing on some rocks which actually gave him bursitis! Ouch!

Joel also sprained his ankle, my friend Kristi (with Joel) sprained her knee, and both my friend Brian and I landed on rocks on our way down which created a huge welt on my ya Joel and I didn't sleep that well that night...but it was so much fun!

Anyway happy weekend tomorrow and I love you all!

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  1. You are an amazing crafter!! I LOVE that Red one!! You're adorable most of all though ;)