Monday, June 8, 2009


Hmmm where do I even start! We have had so many fun things going on in our crazy lives right now that it is hard to put it all in one post! So I will try and give you the shortened versions of everything...:-) I would have put up our official wedding pics, but we have yet to get those so those will soon come!

So for our honeymoon we went to NYC NY! It was so fun, even though it did rain a bit...

While we were there we also got to see Phantom of the Opera on Broadway! It's our favorite.

And of course we saw the statue of liberty, you can't really see it, but Joel looks cute in the pic so I couldn't help myself!

David Letterman show! So fun!

We also got to go through the NY temple! It was beautiful...there were definatly alot more pictures then shown up above but hopefully you get the idea of how much fun we had!

Now moving on to Cali! Joel surprised me for my birthday with a trip to Disneyland with his family! He was so sneaky but we got to spend time with each other and his family so that was awesome!...oh and yes don't we look lovely??

Luv, Cliss


  1. How fun! You guys are so cute :)
    I miss you hun!

  2. yaya! I am happy you got your blog all up and running :) I wanna see some Texas pictures