Monday, July 6, 2009

Hello Ya'll!

So Texas so far has treated us really well and we actually have loved living here, minus the humidity! We love our apartment and our ward and our neighbors who are very nice. There is not really much to do out here other then go see a movie, go out to eat and shop so sometimes it get a little boring but we are always trying to find new things to go out and do! For example, we have really gotten into playing board games, mainly because we got a ton of them for wedding presents! Haha...also my mom flew in last weekend to spend time with me and Shirece (and Joel of course) because me and Shirece tried out for American Idol...I know I know American Idol is totally not for me but in order for me to be with Shirece I had to register. Sitting for 8 hours to wait my turn to sing was not fun, but being with my mom and sister was well worth it! Me and Joel also spent the 4th of july together watching some pretty amazing fireworks! The pics bellow will show everything! :-)

8 hours sitting in those seats! Killer!

Mmmmm yummy chocolate!

Take a look at that pazzokie! It seriously had a whole carton of ice cream on top! So Good!

Yay for Saltgrass! But chicken tenders ever!

Say hello to the Birthday King! (and no that is not beer...:-) )

4th of july weekend! The fireworks were amazing and beautiful!

Anyway, I know there are a ton of pics but as you can see a lot of good things have happened to us in Texas and we are loving every min. of it! We miss everyone at home but know this is where we are suppossed to be right now so we are puting our whole hearts into it! :-) Cliss


  1. I like the pictures. It's nice to see a little of your apartment and see what it is like. See you this weekend. :)

  2. so fun! i'm glad to see life is happy for you two! you're wedding and engagements are sooo gorgeous! did you take those in mesa?

  3. I love you cliss face! I am so glad that you are Joel are doing so well. I miss you so much, but it makes me so happy to see that all of my best friends are wearing wonderful guys! love you!!!! -Carly Jo