Sunday, November 1, 2009

Yay For Utah!

So it has finally started snowing in Utah this week, and I have to say, we are ike 50% excited, and 50% not...:-I but not the less we are enjoying every minute being up here in such beautiful weather. So last week, me and Joel went on a little hike up the Provo Canyon and it was beautiful! The weather was so lovely and the sky was all grey because it was about to rain...but it made me mostly happy that we live in such a beautiful area, and how grateful I am for Heavenly Father giving me such and amazing earth to live on. I am in a Geology class this semester and I have been amazed at so many things we dont know about the creation and how things work on the earth. Did you know that Provo and Salt Lake used to be completely covered by a prehistoric lake called Lake Bonneville? All of the ground in Provo is sand, so the reason why the church has been doing so many building and temple renovations is because geologists predict that a huge wave will come in between provo canyon (probably near the 2nd coming) and will wipe everything out because our houses are built upon sand and not rock ( the foolish man built his house upon the sand....haha). But ya isnt that crazy? So when the wave comes run to a church building! :-) Anyway we are in debt to heavenly father for allowing us to come and live in this amazing life and I am so grateful for all of his creations....p.s. are the pictures beautiful of all the pretty leaves? I love fall!

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  1. So beautiful Clarissa. I love it.