Friday, September 11, 2009

The Joy's of Utahville...

Okaaaay okay so it has been a long time since updating so here we go! Me and Joel just moved up here to utah and things have definatly been crazy! So we havnt taken really any pictures because like i said things have been crazy! But ya we live in Wymount housing at BYU, which is like the married housing dorms! haha but they are actually quite nice if you get a good one and we did get a good one so we are happy with our place compared to most people who live here. So once I get the house all situated and hopefully more decorated, I will post some pics up of it! Other then that me Joel just started school and so far so good. My schedule has gotten screwed up as a result of teachers telling me and I need prereqs for the class which totally stinks and as teachers changing times of the classes! Ah! Joel on the other hand has had success with his classes, but he has some really hard for me my classes are not hard...yet :-S But my goel this semester is study harder for my classes this year than I have ever studied for anything before! I want straight A's with no but's or if's! But don't worry I still will have time to play around with friends! Which speaking of that me and Em have run into and hungout plenty of times so far with Joel and Cory of course! It is fun being able to see those two little love birds and talk to them about wedding plans! Oh the many memories...haha anyway Joel see's seriously maybe ten people a day that he knows walking around school and I get lucky if I see one! They are all mostly from his mission too which is funny...anywho preston left for his mission a while ago but this is his last week in the MTC and then it is off to El Salador from there! It is hard sometimes living in this complex becuase it is literally kitty corner to the MTC so I could literally sit by the temple and wait for him to walk by but you know I would not do that! I am excited for him though and from what he has written to me and Joel he is loving missionary life and speaking spanish expecially! He is good at it too! We are excited for him...but ya we love our ward, with all the small crying chillins haha and we love living in utah! It is the best! I will post pics up soon! :-) Cliss

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