Saturday, February 27, 2010

New Blog! Yay!

Sooo this blog is definatly for emily and the girls who have been gettin on me for not blogging in for so long! I usually just love reading more than writing! haha anyway second semester has definatly been easier so far than last! Oh my goodness was last semester a trip! I took some of the hardest classes and I definatly was not prepared, which is why this semester I took it a little easier and signed up for my two hard classes with Joel, haha. But ya snow doesn't make life any easier as well! Me and Joel were so excited cause last week when my parents came down to utah for valentines weekend it was nice and warm, well utah warm in the winter time, and we were like "it all goes down hill from here!" And then the next week comes and it snows and is possibly the coldest week in utah yet! Ah! Utah weather is so trippy and unpredictable it drives me nuts! But we love being in Utah so that is the issue...Well jumping of my soap note cloud, valentines day and having my parents down in utah was such a breath of fresh air! I was so happy for them to be there and we had a lot of fun...we went to temple square and were determined to find Carly before heading off to dinner and we actually did! It was so good to see her and I got a little tear in my eye from seeing her. She has grown up so much and is just loving her mission. She also inspired me to try and write more often in this blog because she told me a really cool experience she while out there on her mish. I guess a girl I knew, found Carly's mission blog through my blog and decided to go on a mission because she was so touched by Carly's blog. I thought that was really cool and made me realize that I need to be better at keeping this updated because we never know what might happen. I am not saying that I am going to touch a bunch of peoples lives, but I hope that I can be better at this whole blog posting thing :-) Well after the weekend we took my parents to the plane to go home and me and Joel went to a Mexican restraunt in SLC called the Red Igauna. I guess it has gotten ranked as the best food in Utah for the past couple years and the show Diners Drive-in's and Dine came here so I surprised Joel with going to lunch there and a Pie from Marie Calanders for V-Day :-) Joel gave me some beautiful pillows for our bed, a cute organizer, ottoman and an iphone! Luv it! (Also I finally am putting up picks of the apartment :-/ sorry for taking so long) The food was AMAZING! Possibly better than anything I have had before which is weird cause it is in Utah and Utah is not recommended for good mexi food. But non the less those in Utah who love a good whole in the wall Mexican food experience, check this place out immediately! haha but ya life is great and me and Joel are just trying to get by as a little married couple but love every minute of it! Luv you all!

Brick oven with Ash and Mal!

My beautiful Iphone...

Our small little kitchen but definatly put to good use.

The comfy couch, the cute little ottoman Joel got me, and our new coffee table!

The family room, where most of the time is spent...

My cute little pillows that Joel got me for V-Day!

The office, where Joel spends most our time and our spare bed for those who want to visit me! :)

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