Saturday, February 27, 2010

Random pics!

So these pics and videos are just fun things we did throughtout 2009 and thought I might put them up here! The videos dont have any noise, but I find them all pretty funny so I hope you like them! 2009 was an amazing year and 2010 is going to be even better! Whoo hoo! :-)

Tubing at soliders hollow! So fun!

Cutie little Joel siting around! Possibly waiting for me to pull him up the hill! Ah!


Well what can I say, I wanted Joel to take me home with him! Hah!

Shooting with my fam! Scary but fun!

My studly man that will protect me from danger!

The boys at family pics...

Cute little Ella at family pics!

Yay turkey day! My favorite holiday!

Little Brynlee!

Joel with Brynlee!

Football, my least best sport...

I love my husband and my amazing life with him!

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  1. fun pictures! I especially like the pic of you in the cart at costco! haha so fun!!!