Monday, May 2, 2011

Anniversary/Birthday=PARTY! :-)

So aaaalllooottt has been going on these past two months (march/april), and I am quite exhausted from it all! Haha, it has actually gotten me sick from all the stress and things going on. Example: The day before my birthday, I woke up with pink eye in both my eyes, so I had to resort to wearing glasses on my special day, stinks I know. And then on the first day of Spring semester, I woke up with a really bad cold. Lovely. Anyway, the good things about these months are:

1. Fall semester ended
2. Joel and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary
3. Joel's parents came down for General Conference
4. Joel got second place in a business competition for Golf Compete
5. We went to AZ for a short time to See Carly Jo and family
5. It was my birthday!

So there are a lot of pictures to show, so bare with me but enjoy too! :-) Lets start from the beginning of March...

Celebrating Shantel's B-Day in AZ...

Tia Rosa's with the girls! So good to see Carly after her mission :-)

2 yr. Anniversary! We went to a to die for restaurant in SLC called Christopher's Steak House...sooo good and that steak is only half the size. Joel and I shared it, and those onion rings and were so stuffed! Best dinner ever.

Joel and Evan getting 2nd place for Golf Compete! Whoo Hoo!

My friend Kristi and I at our Hip-Hop concert...hip-hop is definitely not my thing but it was fun!

I love this poster, I just don't know where to put it in my house! But I did finally get my curtains up and put that cute figurine picture next to my side of the bed :-)

I love to thrift! But Provo's DI has very slim pickings...however I did find this cute bronze container to put our remotes on and these wall scones to put up above our bed since we can't fit a bed frame in our room :-/

Shirt: Thrifted, Boots: Birthday!

Woke up to this on my birthday! Thanks Kristi :-)

Once again thank you Kristi for the fabulous shoes (and perfume)! I love them :-)

Provo Bakery Orange Rolls = amazingness

Birthday outfit! This was taken later that night cause I forgot to take one earlier...oh well

So I am not really the one to take pictures of myself like this but I thought I would try...also to show off my hair wave. I have been working on it lately to get the perfect wave because my hair is so naturally straight and have always wanted curly hair. I think it turned out nice, what do you think?

This was earlier on my birthday and my hair is super curly...too curly for me but once it falls it is perfect!

What could Joel's present be to me...?

...An Apple T.V.! Happy day!! (P.S. I look super awk in this pic, I have had to wear my glasses for the past two weeks because of pink eye :-( ya stinky)

Sunday after my birthday we went to Gunnison to spend time with my Grandma. We climbed up to the Gunnision G! I am pretty sure though there is no college whatsoever in this little town...

Joel and I love horses! Especially when they want to eat out of your hand!

Yogurtland with Kristi and her sister Jessie. Best frozen yogurt ever!

Shopping time, bond style...

We bet Kristi to do this at Tocanos...very funny!

Yummy yummy yummy cake, hard to eat tho after tucanos :-/

I hate the tricky candles! The came back to life after blowing them out!

Best day and weekend ever! :-)


  1. UMMM hope you had a fun birthday!! i love your long hair these days and your outfits are super cute!!

  2. Cute post! I have the same problem with my's stick straight!!! I think your wave looks great :) how did you do it?? I never know how to get a wave, only curl.

  3. Thanks girls for the comments! I actually curl my hair the day before trying to make the curls not too tight with a 1 in. curling iron and spray it with a little hairspray, and then the next day after sleeping on it, it will loosen up a lot and I just touch it up and it will last like that for 2 days. My hair is so straight so I had to find a way that works you know?! Haha and that is how it works for me...:-)