Wednesday, May 11, 2011

DIY Ruffle black flat

So I found these lovely black flats at Wet Seal for about $5 and I was really excited! I have been wanting to do some type of shoe DIY and I thought this would be a perfect opportunity considering I have a ton of black fabric lying arouund! So here is how you can change your plain black flat.....

... into a fabulous ruffle black flat!

Step 1: Cut out two strips of fabric long enough to fit around the front edge of the shoe. I cut the strip 2x's the size I want the width to be so I could fold the strip in half and hand sew the edges shut. This was in order to make the strip thick enough.

Step 2: After that, I stitched a line at the top of both strip. Before sealing off the stitch, I pulled the thread through to scrunch up the piece a little. I then had some black beads that I added to the edge of each strip (gives the shoe some character :-) )

Step 3: One after the other, stitch the strip to the flat. I put the first strip about 1/2-3/4 inch away from the edge of the opening.

Step 4: Add the second strip on top of the first strip, right along the edge of the shoe. And whala! You have your fabulous refashioned black flat!

See how cute they are! I love them and I have already worn them today and have gotten compliments :-) So easy to do in just 4 steps!

Happy Wednesday! Luv you all!

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